ON-CALL was an Erasmus+ funded project, running from September 2018 to beginning of February 2021.

On this website you can find information about the events organised by the project, the developed resources and a special on-line learning environment.

What was  ON-CALL?

The ON-CALL project consortium have developed a bespoke train-the-trainer programme for local residents to develop the skills necessary for deployment as Lay Family Health Advisors thereby providing access to an upskilling opportunity in a really important area that is presently under-served.

Health literacy is a key competence and needs to be regarded as such. It is as essential a skill for inclusion as any other form of literacy. People without appropriate health literacy skills are marginalised and excluded from many of the quality of life options that many Europeans take for granted. The lay family health advisors trained during the ON-CALL project engaged disadvantaged families across the 8 partner countries and supported them to develop the health literacy skills essential to allow them to make informed choices and decisions for a healthy life. The inclusion impacts of the ON-CALL project are significant.